First of all if we’re talking about flus or colds or epidemics or pandemics or biological warfare, we need to get on the same page about where I’m coming from and where you’re coming from.

I’m not going to tell you to run out and get vaccinated because I don’t think that will help you. At all. In any way. Personal opinion. I’m also not going to tell you to go out and get the latest drug because I think you can do a lot more for yourself by taking other things that won’t cause brain hemorrhaging and heart attacks.

Now that you know that, you’ve either been quickly offended and I don’t have to worry about you anymore or you need some help and you’re willing to look in another direction than the medical mess.

So welcome! I’m happy to help you out. Glad to have you with us.

Ok, SWINE FLU!!!! It’s the next big craze in the media frenzy. What was it, Avian Flu last time? And did you get it? Did anyone you know get it? Well, then its safe to say that it wasn’t really that big a deal where you live. However, if you’re all freaked out about Swine Flu, you’re afraid its going to get you, maybe I can give you some practical ideas about how to boost your health in a real way (Personally I don’t think that taking something that can cause internal bleeding or chronic sinus infections is something someone should ever consider a “health booster” perhaps an “eventual health destroyer” would be more accurate. And yes I am talking about medication.). Using tissues to turn doorknobs will only get you so far in the way of protecting your health.

When we’re talking about boosting immunity, we’re talking about improving your chances of NOT getting sick. What can you do? Well, sugar and high fructose corn syrup are immunity killers. When you consume sugar, you are putting a constant stress on all of your body systems because it does all kinds of bad things to you. One thing it does immediately is completely mess up the pH of the digestive tract.

That might not seem like a big deal to you, but if you’ve been paying attention to the natural health news lately, they’re always talking about pH. Well, now I’m going to. The pH of your digestive tract is a very important thing to the entire body. For one thing, it varies from organ to organ. The mouth, the stomach, the small intestine, and the large intestine all have different pH levels. The most acidic is the stomach. And this is where so much goes wrong.

If the pH of the stomach becomes too alkaline, you can’t break down the compounds in your food to make anything available for absorption in the small intestine. And that includes taking supplements. If you can’t break it down, you can’t absorb it. With its chemistry, the stomach can produce vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and everything essential for their absorption, out of the food you eat. One reason people don’t get anything out of their foods these days is because they eat boxed-up crap, but another reason is that their stomach acid isn’t what it needs to be.

Sugar will alkalinize your stomach. So will a host of drugs and synthetic supplements and antacids. Artificial sweeteners are NOT a better alternative. Would you rather catch a cold or get kidney stones? Just don’t eat that stuff. Eat honey, maple syrup, fruit, even the natural sweeteners like xylitol, stevia, erythritol, agave syrup, whatever you can get your hands on. Any of that is fine, it won’t hurt you the way sugar and artificial sweeteners will.

One of the most important substances that gets broken down in the stomach is calcium. It’s not difficult to get the amount of calcium you need from the correct foods (like leafy greens and raw milk products), but you have to have the right pH in the stomach to get it out.

One of the funniest things about stomach acid is indigestion. People think (because they’ve been told) that when you get indigestion or acid reflux it’s because you are producing too much stomach acid. Actually, the opposite is true. You aren’t producing enough stomach acid, so your food is sitting in your stomach and rotting and waiting for something to come along and break it down so it can move on. Well what do we do for that? We take an ANTI-acid pill. So any bit of acid that might’ve been produced by your obviously suffering stomach is made totally inactive. Statistically, a lot of people who take antacids or those acid-reflux drugs have a problem with bone-loss because their body can’t break down any usable calcium. Bet you didn’t know that.

I’m not telling you to suffer with indigestion though. Just get some HCL, or pepsin, or something like green papaya pills to stimulate your stomach acids. Ginger helps too.

Now, to get back on the subject of Swine Flu, Calcium is VERY important for immunity. Calcium is what allows the white blood cells to go where they need to go. It improves white blood cell motility and therefore greatly improves phagocytosis, the immune response action performed by white blood cells. However, you need to be taking the right kind of calcium if you’re not eating enough of the good things that contain it appropriately. “Calcium with D,” or whatever you’re taking from Wal-Mart, will not get you where you need to be to help your white blood cells with this. You need to take calcium lactate with magnesium citrate in a 5:1 ration of calcium lactate : magnesium citrate.

The immune system is not just some idea of a way your body works. It is actually a system of organs in your body just like the cardio-vascular system, or the musculo-skeletal system. The immune system (or the immune alliance) is comprised of the Thymus, the Spleen, the Long Bones (like your thigh bones or femurs), the Stomach, the Intestinal Flora, and the Liver. They all have different components that are utilized in helping your body with its immune response. To strengthen the immune system, you need to strengthen the whole body. You need to eat good foods to build your blood up so that when you need extra nutrients to help your body protect against foreign invaders, it won’t have to steal from the bones and other tissues. You need to give more so the body has more to work with.

It’s also important to digest your food well so that you don’t cause trouble for the flora (good bacteria) in the small intestine. The intestinal flora are essential to immunity because among their important actions, they keep bad bacteria at bay. However, if you are on, or have taken an antibiotic lately, you have severely upset the good/bad bacteria balance in your intestinal tract and you owe it to your intestines to correct that. You can take a probiotic to try to replace what you’ve murdered with the antibiotic, or you can try something to encourage the growth of good bacteria, like drinking raw milk. It will also greatly help your intestinal flora if you correct your stomach pH.

An immunization doesn’t give you tools to fight against disease. It gives you the disease in hopes that you will build an immunity to it. With the health of America’s society today, these shots become more and more dangerous as our body’s become more and more nutrient starved and have less and less to work with nutritionally. We have nothing to guard against the stress that immunization will put on us.

Another problem with immunizations is that they bypass your body’s natural defenses. Instead of allowing the virus a chance to be burnt up in the stomach, it is injected directly into the blood stream. In a healthy person the pH of the stomach would be so acidic, that the virus or parasite or bacteria or fungus would literally chemically burn up. With immunizations or vaccines, there is no warning as there would be if you had contracted it through the nose or eye. Instead it is presented as an immediate threat that the body has to deal with without having the natural protection of its preliminary defenses. Not only is it unfair to your body, it is dangerous. It is a risk I will personally, never take. I would rather have swine flu than the swine flu vaccine because I would know what to do if I became ill by my body’s warning signs. If my nose starts to run, I need more calcium lactate. If my glands get swollen I need something to deal with toxins. If I get a rash, my organs of elimination are taxed and I’ll need something for my liver or bowels. These are all things you should pay attention to and treat them like the blessings they are. But what do you do instead? You take Advil Cold and Sinus and you go get a steroid cream. The ignorance that has been forced on you about your own body is a crime and sin and you must reconsider your stance on health if you want to live well. If you want to take drugs and get by, that is your choice and I don’t judge you for it because I assume that’s all you know. But if you come to me, and you want my help, be ready to take responsibility for your self and for your health. You didn’t get swine flu because you didn’t have the shot. You got swine flu because your body didn’t have what it needed to fight and win. And that is ultimately, your fault!